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Adventures in outdoor skating!

So today I went out for my first honest to goodness outdoor skate. I have had outdoor wheels since May, but my first short venture out into a nearby parking lot had scared me seriously.

So today I decided that I was gonna go out and give it another go. When it cooled down this evening, I packed up my stuff (yes, I wore all my protective gear), and headed to a nearby tennis court. That worked out well, until the park I was in was over run with kids. I wasn’t feeling confident enough to dodge running children, so I took my skates back off and headed up to an empty government parking lot.

There, I was met with some crappy pavement, but I did some investigating and found a newly paved parking lot towards the rear of the building. I headed off that way, did some laps focusing on technique (derby stance, really pushing with both legs, sticky skating), and generally got used to the feeling of skating outside. Its bumpy. You feel every little thing, even with my Radar Pure outdoor wheels.

Overall I think I skated actively for thirty minutes or so. I didn’t fall down at all, although one non confident attempt at a bracket stop nearly had my flat on my butt. Now that I know the joys of outdoor skating, I will be looking forward to doing it more often. Maybe once I am more confident in parking lots I will give the bike trails a try!