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Derby and Weight Loss

Today I want to talk about something that gets brought up a lot, especially when fat women are involved in the discussion. That is the relationship between roller derby and weight loss.

Often, when larger girls are unsure of joining up or have hesitations about their abilities due to size a common response is talk about how derby will get you in better shape and help you lose weight. While it is certainly true that roller derby will get you in better shape, that is practically a guarantee if you understand ‘better shape’ to include increased strength, more flexibility and better endurance. There is, however, no guarantee that roller derby comes with weight loss.

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A New Blog!

Hello Everyone,

So I have been sporadically blogging my derby experiences at Fuck Normativity, but as I originally set up that space to share my anti-oppression thoughts, I decided I would create a dedicated derby only space.

So most girls seem to start a derby blog right when they start derby but, as I always toss out tradition, this  blog picks up 8 months into my derby career. I started derby in early November of 2010, and I have been (slowly) working at improving every since. The focus of this blog is to document my journey as a plus-sized skater in a recreational league. A purview of popular sites seems to me that there isn’t much focus on fat skaters or rec leagues. I hope to offer some little slice of that!

This blog is intended as a BODY POSITIVE space. I identify as fat, and while there are always struggles, I love myself and my body. This isn’t a space to talk about dieting or getting thin for derby. It’s a space to explore how, as a fat skater, I experience the amazing world that is roller derby.

My previous posts about roller derby can be found on my other blog, Fuck Normativity, however I will be posting a timeline to this point in an upcoming entry.