Im Back Babeh! Or, Balancing Derby with Life.

So it seems that I fell off the blogging bandwagon, primarily due to the fact that I have taken on far too much. Besides striving to be a bad ass roller girl, I am also a full time graduate student writing a thesis, a part time employee at my student union, a lead member on a conference organizing committee, and a hopeless tv addict.

This, it seems, allowed blogging, and sometimes derby, to fall by the wayside.

Since my last post, our league took a month long hiatus in between our summer location and our winter location. We had space booked at a small gym, but it wasn’t big enough to lay down a track, so we ran a few bootcamp sessions instead.

We started back up on October 2nd in our winter location, and it is the only practice I have been to this month! Unfortunately, the week after was Canadian Thanksgiving, so I had to finish some important school work on our Friday practice and then I had family in town on our Sunday practice. And then LAST weekend, I simply had the worst week ever, and really needed to take a couple days off. I feel a bit guilty about this, but it has lead me to the topic of today’s post.

When derby demands so much from us, physically and emotionally, how can we balance it with the rest of our life? Sometimes, I am too tired to go to practice, but I go anyways and its amazing. Other times, I am too tired to go but I go anyways and it makes my day worse. I have not yet figured out a magical formula for knowing which way its going to turn out.

Although we all have different priorities, I have learned to tell myself that derby is something that I am doing for FUN. The reality is that I am working hard as a graduate student to achieve my dream of researching in a university setting, and sometimes that just has to come first. This means that for the past two weeks, obnoxious grant applications have come before derby. Without grants I wouldn’t be able to afford school OR derby!

The guilt that comes from missing practice, or not blogging, or watching a TV show instead of cleaning my kitchen does have a use…it keeps us motivated at the worst of times. However, it is important not to let that guilt overwhelm us when we simply need a bit of time off.

Because I struggle so much with derby in terms of skills, I know that for me, the key to keeping at it is by recognizing when I really need a break. The benefit for taking a break? It can reignite your passion. My feet are absolutely itching to get back into skates, and I am super excited about hitting the track again this weekend.


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